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What’s in an Iranian Drone’s Name?

Iranians are skilled in the localization of almost anything Western or foreign. This is partly because of the nationalist, anti-imperialist promises of the 1979 revolution, and partly due to U.S. and…

Why Russian Sanctions are Ineffective

For over four years, Western governments and international organizations have levied increased sanctions on Russia. Sanctions were first imposed in 2014 when the United States and European Union…

Venezuela is Now a Dictatorship

Less than 20 countries worldwide have recognized the re-election of Nicolás Maduro as Venezuela’s president. Fewer than half of Venezuela’s registered voters participated in the South American…

The Resurrection of Al-Qaeda

With the demise of the Islamic State, a revived al-Qaeda and its affiliates should now be considered the world’s top terrorist threat. While the self-proclaimed Islamic State has dominated the…

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