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Populism is still a threat to Europe — here’s how to contain it

Has the populist tide sweeping Europe crested? Six months ago, many European leaders worried that the wave of popular discontent that led to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and propelled Donald Trump into...

Why Data Security is of Paramount Importance

Data or Information security is the top most priority for almost all business sector and government organizations, and even local computer users need to preserve their data from theft or loss.<\h2> Useful information, payment details,...

Private defense companies are here to stay – what it means for national security

Share prices of many military and intelligence contractors have risen sharply since President Donald Trump’s election. Investors are betting that an increase in defense spending will provide a windfall for these firms. For instance, General...

We should examine terrorist attacks ‘per capita’ to combat Muslim prejudice

Recent events in London, Manchester and elsewhere highlight that Western societies are vulnerable to terrorist attacks – and political decision-makers need to find solutions. Two key questions to consider are: How likely are you to...

What can Europe expect from a Macron government?

French President Emmanuel Macron’s party, La République en Marche (Republic on the Move), captured a decisive majority on Sunday, June 18, in elections for the National Assembly, France’s lower and more powerful legislative chamber. The...

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