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National Security & Foreign Policy Analysis That Builds Global Context for a Better Business Strategy

Global Security Review is a platform for international affairs analysis,  national security commentary, and strategic geopolitical insight into the future implications of evolving international conflicts. Global Security Review readers enjoy the valuable insight provided by objective, in-depth analyses of global security and foreign policy matters.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Democracy Index (2016). The most democratic countries are deep blue.

Providing a Unique Perspective of the Geopolitical Landscape, We Connect You with Experts from Around the Globe

Globally-conscious professionals, individuals, and organizations utilize Global Security Review to obtain relevant, concise analysis of news and events, and solutions-driven expert commentary.

Global Security Review offers professionals and businesses strategic insight into global trends and developments. We structure our solutions-based reports so they’re concise and objective.

Leveraging a network of foreign policy specialists and national security experts, Global Security Review provides readers with a wider perspective of the geopolitical landscape.

Corporations and organizations benefit from our insight into emerging security threats, and strategic forecasts to evaluate emerging markets, potential risks, and unrealized opportunities.

Career Planning with a Global Outlook

For professionals, our timely, unbiased insight into global risks and events allows for a strategic outlook on personal goals and career planning.

Objective Geopolitical Analysis That Defines Modern Security Concepts and Threats

The fact-checked, research-based reporting produced by Global Security Review uses a disciplined process for collecting, validating, and interpreting facts, and obtaining first-party witness testimony from those with first-hand knowledge of an event. 

Critical vulnerabilities are formed when there is a dangerous overreliance on rigid security and military taxonomies or threat classifications as is often done by western political and military strategists.

Global Security Review addresses these needs, hosting informed discourse surrounding the debate over defining hostile acts, acts of war, and other hotly-contested security terminologies.